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Welcome to ReproVintageClothing.com. This is
the place to find authentic style retro clothing from
the last mid-century since we came online
in 2001. Inspiration is found in designs that
were made and worn in the 1930's -1960's.

Often old sewing patterns and sewing machines
are used, sometimes even if possible vintage fabrics
and buttons.
Every item is made out of love for that period in time.

But what makes this place really special: Every item will be handmade only once: what you see is what we have. So you will never have to worry that wherever you go, there might be someone wearing the same jacket or dress as you!

This way we can give real meaning to the words:
"...a truly unique piece of clothing..."

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Attentions: All sizes are modern day, so
check measurements!
Original sizes often are smaller than nowadays:
an old size 'L' is almost a modern day size 'M'.

Thank you for visiting our website, and if you
have comments or suggestions , just click the
contact button on the left to send us an email.
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News - April 2020
COVID-19 update: We will continue to ship our items worldwide within 24 hours after payment! Stay safe everybody!

News - January 2020
A Happy New Year to all! Come in and see our last items!

News - February 2018
3 New Pullover Shirts added to our Men's Clothing, size S and 2x XXXL!

News - August 2017
27 New items added to our Men's Clothing, from XS to XXXL!

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