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sampleAll clothing items are unique. One model doesn't come
in different sizes. What you see is what we have.
If something isn't made in your size, try something
else... This is also the reason why wholesale is
not possible.

The definition of clothing sizes differ according to
country. That's the reason we not only display US
and European sizes, but also the size of clothing in
inches and centimeters. We strongly advise
every customer to measure whomever the item is
for and compare it with the measurements we
include on every item's page to avoid disappointment and unnecessary costs and returns! sample
All measurements are approximate. All measurements are taken while clothing is lying down. If you would like any additional photos, information or measurements about an item, just let us know!

If real vintage buttons, fabrics etc. are used, it will be mentioned in the description that comes with the item. We are not responsible for slight faults or color changes because of the age of real vintage fabrics. If it is something that is clearly noticeable it will be mentioned in the description. After all, in these cases you are actually buying a vintage item, only in a new design.

Attention: by entering these clothing pages you accept our terms of agreement as they are stated in our ordering and shipping info!

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